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around half moon bay 60, 61 san francisco, richmond and san mateo at 62. seven day forecast you want dry weather, have some errands to run today or yard work to do? now is the time to do it. this weekend temperatures will be near 70 in some areas. enjoy. time for your latest traffic with sue hall. >>> good morning. problem, serious accident 80 westbound a look at freeway just at university here this accident is in richmond a little farther north of this at carlson, our freeways app you can see traffic at a standstill, it is a fatal accident there's a "sig alert" involved, three left lanes past carlson. let's look at what is reported by our waze drivers. central richmond very slow, complete standstill reported back here. 80 westbound once again fatal accident past carlson, three left lanes, "sig alert" in effect. if you would like to learn more about in free waze app you can do so at waze. >>> it is :10. >> we'll keep following that. time to pay up. san francisco's mayor reveals when he will make good on his nfc championship bet with the new york giants. >>> plus, same food,
francisco state as well, and i remember growing up at that time around clement street. we call the richmond district the new chinatown in the 1980's at that time. just being around the tremendous unique neighborhood, and discovering san francisco in the 1980's as i grew up, but i also have been very active as a community organizer. i worked in chinatown, and some first jobs also at the mental health center in the richmond area multi services in the 1980's, and i was also a staff are at the chinatown youth center -- i was also a staffer. a lot of my work has been supporting community empowerment, especially in an immigrant and people of color communities. most recently, i have been teaching at san francisco state. i ran the immigrant rights coalition in the city in the 1990's for several years. i'm also an immigration attorney, and a lot of my passion is supporting in power met for immigrant communities in the city as well. >> why did you choose to live in san francisco? supervisor mar: a lot of people bring this up, but is one of the most exciting, culturally diverse places in the world. le
industry. a victory for the city of richmond which was chosen as the site for the second campus of the large national lab after an intense competition by half a dozen east bay cities. the battle over building a stadium for the san francisco 49ers in santa clara may be headed to court. also, mayor jean quan on the challenges of her first year in office and what's ahead for oakland. coming up next. >> belva: good evening. i'm belva davis. and welcome to "this week in northern california." joining me tonight on our news can nel are c.w. nevius, "san francisco chronicle's" columnist. amy sanden, reporter with kqu department. and paul rogers, environment writer. paul rogers, california resources have approved this. what impact can we expect or should it have? >> these rules that were approved today, 9-0 in los angeles by the california air resources board, are the most far-reaching, toughest environmental laws on cars ever passed in the united states. and so over the next decade, they're going to dramatically change the kind of vehicle that you see on the roads around the bay area, i
will be in court on thursday. live in richmond, nbc bay area news. >> smart young woman. all right, thank you, cheryl. a san jose elementary schoolteacher has been arrested for sexual assault tonight. police are trying to figure out if there's other victims. the 35-year-old is accused of sexually assaulting a child last year. he taught a combination second and third grade class in south san jose. he worked at that school for nine years. police are now asking other victims or anyone with information to call the sexual assault unit. >> happening right now, san francisco fire fiekters are putting out a large apartment fire in the city's busy south of market district. this is near 11th and fulsom street. now, when crews arrived, the building's roof was fully engulfed. you can see some of the smoke there billowing out. so far, no reports of injuries. >>> and the search for a serial arsonist is intensifying. a $15,000 reward is being offered. someone set 56 fires in 36 hours. all of the fires have been small, but close enough to nearby homes that locals are worried, as well as firefighters. so far,
with plans to raise the minimum wage. >> reporter: could the city of richmond become the next mecca of bioscience? i'm jodi hernandez with details on a plan for just that. >>> as you know, california was in the midst of a dry stretch from snow in the sierra to reservoirs so a look at the impact the rain is having. >> good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we're tracking all of these systems as they continue to move on out of the bay area today. with cloud cover lingering, we'll have more on your forecast for tomorrow coming up in just a few minutes. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days is-- is huge. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. you just put one foot in front of the other, and you know that you're walking for such a great cause that you just keep going. (man) that you have all these people coming together for one common goal. (woman) the goal is to bring an end to breast cancer. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanti
,inc . >> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in richmond. police are having a tough time solving a murder. it appears a young college student was shot and killed for no reason. >>> engineers will be back at san francisco's telegraph hill this morning to determine how much more of the hillside is in danger of sliding away. falling boulders have forced the evacuation of three homes. >>> revised budget calls for 105 lay-offs. the city has to make up a 28 million dollar loss in redevelopment funds. >>> good morning. live look from emeryville some of the clouds hanging around the bay area and fog. i'll show you temperatures. >>> good morning. live look at the san mateo bridge problem-free. overnight roadwork. >>> mike's forecast was spot-on about the fog yesterday. welcome back. 4:30 on this tuesday morning i'm eric thomas. >>> and i'm kristen sze. police investigating why a college student was gunned down and killed sitting in a car from an unsuccessful drive-by shooting. amy hollyfield with the latest. >> reporter: we know the victim's name 22-year-old edwin martinez. he lived in richmond. h
. there are three lanes blocked with a fatal accident westbound ad richmond and across the boulevard. traffic is very rapidly backing up to highway 4. with three lanes blocked, the traffic trying to get past the scene of the accident cannot. it is at a standstill. drive times are running up boards of 50 minutes from hercules to berkeley. for alternate routes like 680, 37 and the richmond parkway, will show you that when coming up. >>darya: the president will be headed to iowa on may 5th state 3d tore to sell his economic policy goals. >>president obama: right now our immediate party is stopping a tax hike on working americans while the economy is still fragile. people cannot afford losing $40 out of each paycheck periods let's agree right here, right now, no side issues or drama, as the fear of tax cut without delay. floor samples before taking the stage, the president of the outgoing congress woman get a real difference. she was shot in the head by a gunman during an assassination attempt. she announced earlier this week that she would be stepping down from congress to focus on her recovery.
tracks. >>> richmond police searching rooftops right now for a gunman. what the victim saw right before he was shot near some railroad tracks. >> and the search for survivors of a cruise ship in italy now suspended how rough seas are posing new dangers. >>> we'll have a check of mass transit coming up. >> cold and breezy start to our forecast. we finally have a good look at rain by the middle of the week. we'll tell you what day coming up. >>> thank you. >>> good morning. it's monday, january 16. i'm frank mallicoat. we begin with developing news from richmond this morning. the search for a gunman who fired on a victim overnight. gil diaz has the latest. >> reporter: police got the call around 3:15. no matter how bizarre the story sounds, police so far believe the man's story. the man says that he was walking his bike along the railroad tracks between west ohio avenue and cutting boulevard. he said he saw a laser beam pointed at him from one of the industrial building rooftops and then heard gunshots. the man ended up shot in both legs. a train conductor from the burlington north
financial officer for richmond from 2005 until 2008. according to published reports, he had a difficult time in the job because he was caught in the middle of a political boxing match between the mayor and the city council. there is some question as to whether he will bring any of the drama to baltimore. >> it is my pleasure to welcome back home to baltimore mr. harry black. >> mayor stephanie rawlings- blake proudly announces her choice for the new director of finance. he is a part heights native and graduate of dunbar high school. he will most likely takeover for ed gallagher who is retiring. he held a similar role in richmond for three years with great controversy. the majority of the richmond city council did not approve of black. in retaliation, wilder claimed the power to hire and fire for the city council and then hired black as steve administrator. the city sued and won after three years. >> the transition from a council form of government to a strong mayor. there was tremendous tension between the city council and mayor. unfortunately a lot of staff got caught in the middle of that.
? >> is there somebody from richmond police station? ok. right. supervisors? >> it is great to see the new commissioners. it is great to be here. i have been in touch with the richmond police station and the communication with staff that have a historical memory of the station and with the people of sf sfae. -- sf safe. i appreciate staff and mrs. joseph into their history of late tonight food and other issues. i am here because i am supportive of a my neighborhood and i am proud that they have raised their voices to save there are frustrations and issues around late night places like the jack in the box. it is also that several bars and massage parlors. i am supportive of the concerns that my residents have raised with a petition that has hundreds of signatures from around the city. i wanted to to thank his staff and managers and others for sitting down with us when we shared our concerns. many of them were similar to the residence. i am thankful they agreed to make his business safer and to address the concerns. i should say this is about item number n. not about the other franchises. he is a small bu
a federal receiver to oversee the department if it does not comply soon. >>> richmond asking for the public's help in finding the man who shot and killed a college student. investigators say it appears 22-year-old edwin martinez was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. police say he was randomly gunned down monday night by a man who had been shooting at another car. the contra costa student was studying to become an auto mechanic. police say they have few leads. >>> the pleasanton school district has approved a plan to use drug sniffing dogs to patrol high school campuses. a search and seizure policy before using dogs. they will conduct random searches in the parking lots and lockers. the move comes after a large increase in the number of on campus drug cases >> 4:36. i was looking to the stars this morning and only saw clouds. >>> the storm track has shifted a couple hundred miles north you can see rain and mountain snow. because it is so close that's why we've had the cloud cover during the overnight hours. because of that, we don't have much fog. check out visibilities, nearly unlimite
. >> commissioners, commissioner lee, staff that came to meeting, i want to thank you for coming out to the richmond rticipating an also commissioner anaconda who is residents.sten to the and you saw first hand how the heard from each of the you neighbors including two bars, the would youbelieve and e hertz across the street from jack in the box and you heard from the motel that was on the corner across e street from in thebo all were saying the same thing. that since jack in the box has been closed at2:00 a.m., the neighborhood had a -- has been the corner is quieter, the people can go to sleep. the crime statistics bear that out. there have been only one call to that intersection since the incident -- since the jack in the box was closed. if we consider what is being proposed, how many security guards do we have to have to operate at that hour to eure that people can buy hamburgers and french fries? you're lkg two security guards possibly on weekends. wrg with this picture.hing it's the hour of operation. and that's reallywat issue. the hour of operation between 2:00 and 4:00, i think there is co
held a similar role in richmond for three years under then mayor doug wilder, but it was with great controversy. according to published reports, the majority of the richmond city council did not approve of black, it was wilder's choice. wilder claimed the power to hire and fire staff members for the city council and then hire blacks as deputy chief administrator. the city council sued and won, but not before black put in three years. >> the city of richmond transition from a council manager former government to a strong mayor form of government. as a result, there was tremendous tension between the city council and the mayor, and a lot of staff such as myself got caught in the middle of it. >> he said he was pledging loyalty to his boss. further digging found that was not the only lawsuit black was involved in. according to a published report, the city council in richmond school board also sued both black and wilder after they tried to evict the board and its instructions from their city hall offices. the two men also launched a lawsuit. but the mayor in richmond at that time that w
to happen. the key word there is "potentially." if you're going to reference the data which the richmond district police department provided, there's no strong correlation between the incidences happening that hour to our store. regardless, how can we prove we'll be a good neighbor and implement the safety plan if we're not given a chance to be open between 2:00 to 4:00 and we'd like to implement the safety plan and maybe be reviewed later if something does happen. >> thank you. all right. so i'm now going to open -- and nobody else, right? i'm now opening this to public comment. hi. and you have two minutes. >> yes, thank you. vice president joseph. my name is christopher willow, an attorney for shift harden and represent two organizations opposed to this. i'm also a resident that live as block from the restaurant and i can assure the staff that spoke that these concerns are nonspecific is wrong. there are three reasons why this should be denied. the first is the restaurant's small size. if you've not seen a restaurant. i know, commission canner lee, you were out as well as the other co
that. is the basic sentiment of some city leaders in richmond tonight them. want want the police chief to say no when oakland asks for help to control demonstrators. abc 7 is live in richmond tonight with the story. >> the council is set to begin in 15 minutes. richmond set to become the latest bay area city to declare they want no part of mutual aid situations where peaceful demonstrators are pitted against police. pepper spray has got peaceful protestors in uc davis, tear gas in downtown oakland. some city leaders are now saying they want no part of this. >> the mayor and i were horrified about what we saw. >> richmond city councilman says he and others are behind a russ res solution directing the police chief to steve clear of situation that's could lead to use of force on otherwise peaceful protestor autos we should make it lear to the people in richmond and communities that we have a professional force them don't participate in that sort of thing f they're asked to, they do don't. >> a dozen came after police clashed at 14th and braurdway z richmond did not arrive until after tear
rain on the way. >> okay. thank you. >>> it is 4:31. a developing story in the city of richmond. a man was shot in his legs near some train tracks there. the victim says he saw a laser pointed at him and then heard gunshots. we have a crew gathering more details and stay right here with cbs 5 for updates. the martin luther king, jr. a freedom train will travel from san jose to san francisco. it's to commemorate the civil rights march from selma to montgomery, alabama in 1965. lisa washington is at the stay diridon station where the train departs later this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >>> reporter: the first caltrain train just left the station within the last two minutes but the freedom train ride that we're talking about today was started 28 years ago. it was dr. king's wife coretta scott king who initially started the train ride after her husband's assassination in 1968. california's caltrain freedom train ride from the south bay to san francisco commemorates as you said the 1965 march from selma to montgomery. that distance 54 miles. the freedom train ride is a
in 20 held the same position in richmond, virginia -- issues when he held the same position in richmond, va. >> blacks served as the chief financial officer of richmond from 2005 until 2008. he had a tough time while he was there. he was caught in the middle of a political boxing match that involved his mayor and the richmond city council. there are questions as to whether he might bring any of that drama to the city of baltimore. >> it is my pleasure to welcome back home to baltimore mr. harry blackm. >> the mayor proudly announced her choice for finance director. he will most likely takeover for edward gallagher who is retiring. black held a similar role in richmond for three years. it was with great controversy. according to published reports, the majority of the richmond city council did not approve of black, who was wilder's >>> the city council sued and won but not before he put in three years. >> they transformed from a council form of government to a strong mayor. there was tremendous tension between the city council and mayor. unfortunately, a lot of staff like myself got caugh
that the richmond district has a lot of unique characteristics, but there is also many different points of view from older, russian- speaking families to small business owners to younger, kind of art-loving hipsters in areas, but there is a bunch of different types of use. campaigning for supervisor men having to listen to a lot of those and find commonalities that unite people together around improving the richmond for working families, seniors, and everyone that lives here. >> where do you fall on the political spectrum supervisor mar: mar -- where you fall on the political spectrum? supervisor mar: definitely strong support for small businesses. some have said that in a progressive, and though i do not like the term to much because i think it always boxes in, i have always considered myself as having progressive politics because i believe in a vision where people have their needs met. i believe in equity. when people have special needs, we should be considerate of that. i also feel that working families and the lowest income populations should have a safety net. we should have human rights and eq
i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. richmond police are trying to solve a bizarre murder mystery. a 22-year-old man gunned down during a shootout that had nothing to do with him. amy hollyfield is live at the richmond police department. it appears the victim was heading to class at a local community college. >> reporter: yeah he was with his sister. this was about 7:00 last night they were headed to class at contra costa college when he was shot. he was the passenger in the car. his sister was driving. it appears that a man fired into their car for no reason at all. the killer was running after a car, he was shooting at it then he gave up as that car sped away then he looked up, saw the man and his sister sitting in their car and shot at them. the sister drove away trying to escape, get out of there it was too late for her brother he had been fatally hit he died at the scene. the sister is okay. the victim has been identified as 22-year-old edwin martinez of richmond. police don't have a description of the shooter. he ran away, this was in the area of 22nd street and nevin. they
: is a water main break extension to san jose. >>darya: richmond is and i felt bridge. >>george: an accident occurred at the west and. and ended up on its wheels. the ride is the a problem on interstate 80, an accident on the berkeley qr that backed up at last check it with 39 minutes. it is now 44 minutes. and earlier occurring problem here and san mateo on 92 eastbound. traffic is still heavily backed up moving towards 101. it is backed up nearly all leading towards 101 around this is the result of an accident that occurred over two and a half hours ago westbound on highway 24. on well below coliseum. >>james: it is not. 35 is the average temperature. here's a quick look at the maps. there's concord, chilly we are below freezing and santa rosa. namely '50s and '60s like yesterday this morning working on it. >>mark: >>darya: the time is 8:35 a.m., we are well into the voting in new hampshire the nation's first primary. mitt romney is considered a front runner.. jon huntsman is sticking his candidacy on in hampshire. ron speaking about vote for me. that means you have at the map that works o
en la asamblea general de richmond para exigir que los derechos de los inmigrantes en el estado sean respetados claudia uceda nos brinda el informe... decenas de personas llegaron en buses a richmond para hacer cabildeo a favor de los inmigrantes.... "yo vine aqui cuando tenia 6 anos y ya tengo 20 anos en virginia..." desde muy temprano, activistas, estudiantes llenaron los pasillos donde estan las oficinas de los legisladores estatales... "traemos a chicos de high school para que abogan por sus derechos..." hasta la fecha en la asamblea legislativa se han presentado 20 propuestas en contra de los inmigrantes y 4 a favor.... entre la mas controversial figura la hb-138... quien obligaria a la junta de educacion a obtener informacion de estudiantes ilegales y sus familiares.... la legislacion a favor de los inmigrantes es el dream act...por eso los estudiantes se hicieron presente en este cabildeo "el dream act de virginia no nos daria estatus legal pero nos ayudaria a pagar tarifas del estado porque actualmente tenemos que pagar como si fueramos de fuera del estado entonces si has viv
in richmond faces a lawsuit by some of his own. why a group of officers say the chief prevented them from moving up in the department. >> millions of popular pills are being pulled off drug store shelfs. >> i'm leigh glaser. boy, a terrific, warm to mild weekend, dry weekend at that. looks like there will be subtle changes, maybe a few sprinkles in the forecast. we'll take >> after five years of legal ranching a estimation nation lawsuit against richmond's police chief is set for trial tomorrow. seven african-americans claim they were subjects of racist remarks from the chief and claim they were denied promotion because they're black. the officers are asking for back pay and punitive damages based on promotions they would have had. the chief is denying any wrongdoing. >> richmond's first african-american mayor is being remembered as a people's politician. the contra costa county times reports george livingston died saturday morning. he was 78 years old. he was first elected to richmond city council in 1952 and searved total of four terms and was appointed as mayor in 1985 and ran for the
but there is for the richmond center fell bridge connecting the east bay so far, no problems for 101 southbound. >>george: the san francisco 49ers are shocked over last night's loss. gary ravaged has highlights and lows of the big game. >>gary: the 49ers are a little short in the nfc champion should game. rain or no rain the place was packed. eli manning handed the giants fell behind early as alex smith and vernon davis hooked up for 73 yds. the incredible stat is that it's alex smith, in touchdowns avertin davis in the third quarter. the 49ers have the lead, 14-test here in feline manning was not spectacular but was good enough. they go into overtime. here is the game in a nutshell. there was a fumble. there is no magic left. a 31 yd field goal, the giants won 21-17. two turnovers it did them in. the season is over but the new york giants marched on. >> a great job, i said to all of our players after the game. the degree drop competing. they meted out there and played their hearts out. you are disappointed they do not come away with the satisfaction of the victory. >>gary: what a great year for the 49er
shot to death while sitting in a car with his sister. gil diaz is in richmond now with more. >>> reporter: good morning. it happened around 7:00 last night. and we were there to check out the scene but yeah, the brother and sister sitting in their car heading to college class at contra costa college. here's a map. this is the 2100 block of nevin avenue and they were sitting in their car. we were there this morning to check it out. the police are gone. but there's candles lit on that scene to commemorate that brother. now, they didn't make it to class and the brother died at the scene. they were sitting in the car when all of a sudden a car rounded the corner behind them heading west on nevin avenue with a shooter following them. that shooter stopped chasing after that moving car and turned to the siblings in their car and started firing at them. the sister must have been driving because she gunned it from that scene. she rounded the block and went to an abandoned parking lot where she discovered that her brother had been shot and killed. the police haven't given us more deta
analysis of home grown extremist cases. >>> police in richmond may not help out in future occupy protests. officers from richmond have come to oakland several times in recent months to assist in the occupy raid. but the richmond city council has passed new guidelines involving when and where police officers can respond to trouble in other cities. the guidelines urge richmond police chief to carefully evaluate all mutual aid requests that involve quote civil unrest situations. >>> the secret service says occupy protestors are responsible for security scare at the white house last night. agents say one demonstrator threw a smoke bomb over the fence during an occupy demonstration outside the white house gate. the secret service also gave the all clear a short time later. first family was out celebrating michelle obama's birthday at the time. >>> jerry yang the founder of yahoo is leaving the company. no surprise by workers. but he said his 17 years at yahoo quote encompassed some of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life. he plan on per sue -- pursuing other interests. but th
the site of their new facility. ktvu's john fowler is live now in the winning city, richmond. john? >> reporter: this is the front game to the richmond field station, with today's announcement it could be the front door to thousands of sny jobs and much more. -- thousands of new jobs and much more. >> reporter: 120 acres between 580 and the bay. in four years it could be this. state of the art laboratories. boosters are thrilled. >> positive for jobs and positive for community and everybody in the country to see this happen. >> reporter: lawrence berkeley national laboratory officials said it took a year. >> the richmond site has the strongest combination. >> lawrence berkeley national laboratory recognized richmond for the jewel that it is. >> reporter: a half mile from the meanest streets, some call today's choice a transformational moment. >> next generation of scientific discovery. >> reporter: it all sounds good. before the laboratory can be built here there are a lot of problems. money. 300,000 square feet of labs a quarter billion dollars. existing hazardous conditions, plus
of stretches for miles and hours. >>george: here is a look at the accident scene. it is here at the richmond parkway that a lot of people are diverted also of the freeway because the back of does lead all the way down to the richmond parkway. the drive time is running at about 58- 65 minutes. a little over an hour. was there is one easy alternate. that is this but it is rapidly becoming crowded. >>kimberlee: temperatures are running on the long side. as we make our way into the afternoon we will see sunshine and warmer conditions compared to what we saw yesterday. light winds and partly cloudy conditions overnight. as a focus in on temperatures it looks like right now we see a mixture of upper 40's and the low 50s. coming up in my next report, a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast. >>james: one of our big stories this morning is apple and news that apple is now the biggest company in the world. shares of apple jumped this morning on word that the company's net income in the last quarter was $30 billion. that is well above expectations. about 180% improvement from last year. apple sold
before the body is identified >>> a huge fight at the university of richmond forces police to use pepper spray and make arrests. this happened of a an event open to college area students. police have not said what sparked the fight. no injuries were reported but a handful of man who were not university of richmond students were arrested. >>> back here in the district, safeway partnering with d.c. fire and e m f to keep you safe. thinks the wellness and safety fair. volunteers helped show residents the best way to make a child seat safe, how to use a fire extinguisher and showed kids how to stop, drop and roll and much, much more. the firefight department gave out smoke detectors and a combination. >> secretary of transportation ray la could be put on the hot seat for a statement he made at virginia commonwealth university this week. la hood told a small group of students there was an unlimited supply of oil around -- in the countries around the world and it was something that contradicted the obama administration. >> we will run out in. >> not in your lifetime. >> the obama administratio
, in of the heaviest right now is a round of richmond and vallejo. i will talk about how much this will last. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. ♪ >>host: cleanup efforts are underway in oakland hills. this is in oakland to dry but some residents were left with out water and electricity this muddy hillside created havoc. and brian, what is this supposed to stop? >>brian: this is supposed to add tomorrow and and, tomorrow. look at that green, it is showing it bay-area wide, the yellow, the orange, are heavier rain showers near richmond, vallejo towards novadto, lightet in the south bay. just a few scattered showers hit/mess. it should pick up, later put the
down on what one lawyer is calling technology slavery. >> and first prestige in the city of richmond. some of the brightest researchers will be soon working there. >> another bird hits a plane. experts talk about why this happens so much this time of the year. >>> six cities wanted it, richmond will get it. announcing plans to open a new branch of lawrence berkeley national lab there. located in richmond field station at park place and 580. here is nick smith. >> great day. >> university of california picked richmond for its new bio sciences lab. >> this will be a major site that will be developed. >> organizers believe the lawrence berkeley national lab state slaited to be operational in 2016 and city of richmond are the perfect union. >> it signals next major investment in science research and discover rye receiving more than 20 responses when a request was issued last year. in may, the list reduced to six. the uc owns a field station saying that this location provided best opportunity to consolidate lab. and there is a next step to get approval from u.s. department of energy. >> i
channel 2 news. >>> a man stabbing death is not a typical investigation here at richmond. why eyes are following the city's crime trend. >>> police say they may be pulling off major copper thefts. . >>> complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >>> man stabbed and left to die in the streets. the first homicide of the year in the city known for its struggle with violent crime. it happened in richmond. two -- jade hernandez is live now. >> reporter: the crime trend here in richmond fallen and that is part of the reason why this death investigation is not typical at richmond. >> reporter: police are baffled as to why someone stabbed and killed this man. jimmy lai. his death marks the first hop side of the year. -- homicide of the year. >> we don't know what the motive is. >> reporter: six years ago he had no idea the next year the city would hit a homicide high. then three years later the department recorded only 21. a record low. the numbers inched up last year. but he is focused on making richmond better. >> they will have all these trees remove
the richmond district center. i grew up in the california area, ended up at uc-davis. i made my way out to san francisco in 1984 when i was a college student. i remember growing up on clement street. i have always lived around in richmond area, just being around a unique area of the richmond, discovering san francisco in the 1980's. >> i am hoping we can not support small businesses like this because they are the unique character that makes neighborhoods like this so rich and lively to live in. >> i have also been active as a community organizer. i worked at the chinese progressive association. i also worked at the mental health center in the richmond district. i have always been passionate about civil rights, equality for everyone. i have a 10-year-old daughter, so having a girl has made me much more sensitive to gender equality issues. i guess i have always been vocal about my politics, but as a supervisor, i have to listen to other perspectives and making decisions. >> very soon there will be of much more seniors in that area. we are trying to focus on whether a stop sign or stoplight might
developing news from richmond this morning. search for a gunman who fired on a victim overnight striking him twice. gil diaz live in richmond with the latest on a bizarre shooting. >> reporter: good morning. it is a bizarre shooting especially when the man claims that a laser beam was pointed at him around overnight. but yeah, police got that call around 3:15 this morning. it was the freight train conductor who made the call. the conductor found the victim laying by the side of the tracks. take a look at the scene a few hours ago. the victim says he was walking his bike along railroad tracks that cross west ohio ave. and that he saw a laser beam pointed at him from one of the nearby buildings' rooftops. after he saw that, he then heard gunshots go off. well, that man actually got shot in both legs and he was taken to the hospital. he is expected to make it. but during the search, police detained the train while looking for a possible sniper. they looked at the top of the building. they didn't find anyone so it's a mystery as to who shot this man. we don't know much about the victim except th
through richmond you might hop on bart if that's a possibility for you to get around that mess. bart everything all trains are on time, bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries all on time. other trouble spots typical this time of the morning as you work your way highway 4 westbound sluggish 11 miles per hour as you work your way through there. a little slow and go through pittsburg as well. if you are heading along the altamont pass westbound delays here also speeds just under 40 miles per hour in some spots. 17 minutes now west 580 from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. the south bay still one of our bright spots this morning not too bad. some extra volume northbound as you work your way through downtown san jose but overall okay. we'll continue to keep you updated on that trouble spot along the eastshore freeway. that's a look at your "timesaver traffic." here's elizabeth. >> if you are heading out the door, put away the umbrellas. you won't need them for the rest of the week. do bring a jacket but may not a really heavy one. temperatures are mild. check out 50s al
live in richmond. >>> this just in, moments ago, a 3.9 earthquake woke up many people near clearlake this morning. a viewer called into the newsroom to say it felt like, quote, unquote, a big one and she wasn't alone. we just checked the usgs website and more than 100 people reported feeling the quake. it happened just about 45 minutes ago followed by some smaller aftershocks. but it was a 3.9 centered near clearlake. >>> a pair of senior care centers and a preschool have been quarantined in marin county after a suspected norovirus outbreak. 73 people have recently become sick at the aegis living center in corte madera and san rafael. 16 children and adults have also fallen ill at an unidentified preschool in the last 10 days. the quarantine could be lifted as early as today. >>> drug-sniffing dogs may soon be used at three high schools in pleasanton. tonight the school district's board of trustees is expected to make a decision on whether to do that or not and lisa washington reports from foothill high, where drug- related suspensions are on the rise. >>> reporter: good morning. thi
discrimination are finally getting their day in court. ann notarangelo is in richmond where opening statements in the civil trial began today. >> reporter: late this afternoon actually the first witness took the stand only for about an hour or so. that's a lieutenant one of the officers alleging racism in the richmond police department. but the focus of the day really was on the attorneys as they presented their opening statements to the jurors in a case that started in 2007. because there's a gag order in this case, no one was allowed to talk to the media. the claims against the city of richmond, the police chief and former deputy chief are harassment based on race, race discrimination, retaliation and failure to prevent discrimination. the case is being brought by seven senior black richmond police officers who claim racism is the reason a white female captain was promoted to deputy chief in 2006. lieutenant cleveland brown's attorney told jurors, my client is not necessarily upset about the promotion. he's upset about the process. the process of
toe as you can see here. it's affecting the drive on interstate 580 coming over from the richmond-san rafael bridge as well. so tying up the east bay commute and doing so fairly quickly. let's update the drive time now. it's jumped from 21 to 28 minutes from highway 4 down to university avenue. so that represents a big change and big problems for the 80 west commute. there had been a hot spot earlier this morning on the nimitz freeway in union city. that crash is cleared and so is the backup as you see. conditions kótqé@)have returned normal past alvarado boulevard on 880 southbound. >>> here's a bridge check for you as we look first at the bay bridge where your ride sill looks good heading -- still looks good heading west on interstate 80. i was concerned we might see a bigger backup earlier than usual this morning, earlier than we're used to. that's clearly not the case. it looks pretty light right now. your san mateo bridge ride still problem free both westbound and eastbound. and your marin commute coming from the golden gate bridge, a check here of traffic shows the volume
. >> we have some develop news in richmond tonight. it happened on nevin avenue at 22nd street in an area known as the iron tray angle. the 22-year-old college student and sister were preparing to head to class. laura is live tonight to explain what happened here. >>reporter: well, we are still waiting for more details here from richmond police. we are here at the headquarters what we know is that this young man a it was-year-old community college student is dead. apparent random victim of man walking down the street firing a gun. let's show you the scene it looks tonight short time ago. you see richmond police are out there. marking evidence. the car that we are she go you is the one that apparently this young student an his sister were sitting in there on avenue preparing to go to class just before 7:00 o'clock tonight when they heard scaeching tires and man come around the corner walking chasing or apparently trying to shoot at a car that was speeding away. the car got away. man apparently appeared to be frustrated. these are details we are getting tonight from our media part
. good evening everyone. >> we have some develop news in richmond tonight. it happened on nevin avenue at 22nd street in an area known as the iron tray angle. the 22-year-old college student and sister were preparing to head to class. laura is live tonight to explain what happened here. >>reporter: well, we are still waiting for more details here from richmond police. we are here at the headquarters what we know is that this young man a it was-year-old community college student is dead. apparent random victim of man walking down the street firing a gun. let's show you the scene it looks tonight short time ago. you see richmond police are out there. marking evidence. the car that we are she go you is the one that apparently this young student an his sister were sitting in there on avenue preparing to go to class just before 7:00 o'clock tonight when they heard scaeching tires and man come around the corner walking chasing or apparently trying to shoot at a car that was speeding away. the car got away. man apparently appeared to be frustrated. these are details we are getting t
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